With graceful compassionate guidance, Side By Side helps seniors and people who are disabled, their family members and others to develop an understanding of the big picture. From medical issues, living situations, dealing with insurance, doctor’s appointments or just getting a few things done Side By Side shares information about available services and options enabling them to make informed choices.

“Diana helped me navigate the final phase of my parents’ lives. Since I lived out of town, she was my lifesaver. She established good rapport with their caretakers and kept me informed on their day-to-day situation in the care center. She provided me with detailed notes from medical appointments and kept track of insurance paperwork and other bills. She helped me think through solutions to potential issues before I even realized there might be a problem. Throughout, she was impeccably honest, conscientious, and well organized. She has the perfect set of skills for this type of work.”

Margaret, Omaha

“When I think of honesty, integrity, knowledge, and dedication, I think of Diana.  Over the last two decades, I have observed her tireless advocacy in complicated medical situations.  She refuses to be overwhelmed when circumstances would exhaust almost everyone else I know—me included.  What a contribution she is offering with her Side By Side services!  I know first-hand many of the challenges faced by a guardian who lives a distance away.  Diana is just the person I would choose to help, if my loved one lived in Lincoln.”

A.S., Lincoln